Sunday, September 12, 2010

Harrisonburg,VA - Nov.19,1981

Paul Jones & Johnny Weaver & Jack Mulligan Jr. vs Nicolai Volkoff & Chris Markoff & Lord Alfred Hayes
Ron Sexton vs Kevin Sullivan
Jeff Sword vs Jim Dalton
Doug Vines vs Izzy Slapowitz
During this time, the show that was taped in the Knoxville,TN studio was airing in Roanoke,VA and Bluefield,West Virginia. The show was hosted by Les Thatcher.Jack Mulligan Jr.(Barry Windham), Kevin Sullivan and the rest of the guys you see here on the undercard were regulars on that show. Usually on the Virginia house shows, Crockett regulars were featured in the main events. My Dad and I got to watch the show on channel 10 Roanoke on Saturday afternoon on channel 6 Bluefield late Saturday night.

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